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This collection includes expanded vinyl wallpapers, with the size being 0.53 m х 10 m, on a non-woven base.


The collection style consists in the balanced set of modern designs with minimalist patterns, texture imitation or graphics imitation with 3D optic effect.

This collection includes 7 designs, 4 of which are combined into groups, 2 designs in each one.

Remaining 3 designs are universal and have no companions in the collection.


The main purpose of this collection is the creation of contemporary wallpapers in loft style using small graphics, combinations of different textures and combination of fashionable geometric patterns with 3D optic effect.

Geometric patterns can add dynamics to your premises and set pace for your interior while becoming its key accent. At the same time, any ornamental patterns on the wallpapers will fit well in your contemporary interior.

The collection was created based on the understanding that most clients interested in and offered this collection are young people on a low budget and accordingly, they do not own large premises. As a result, small or middle-sized geometric ornamental patterns, graphic elements and structures are characteristic for all designs that are part of this collection. They beautifully decorate, add style and comfort to small spaces without encumbering them with excessive large shapes.


Small patterns and subtle geometry are your best option to decorate interior if you prefer calm, universal and contemporary style. Such wallpapers can cover the entire room without emphasizing individual elements. Contrast elements look great on such background, especially borders, furniture and accessories.

The color range of this collection is very modest. It was inspired by the glitter of fashionable metallic surfaces that are often used in interior decoration at present. All colorations are mainly composed of "cold" shades — from grey, "jeans", beige and coffee ones to dark anthracite shade.

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  • This is a universal design with small geometric patterns creating slight 3D effect due to different directions of individual element textures and minimal transitions of color range from bright tones to dark ones. There are no companions to this design in the collection, but it allows the creation of beautiful compositions while decorating the whole premises with two or more colorations of one design.

  • This is the design with a geometric "monogram" that looks as if it is flying above the background with a thin twinning pattern. Such ornament can be easily pictured as a modern analog of the classic "damascene".

    "Macrame" design is a sole-colored companion that perfectly fits "Twine" design. The twinning pattern that also appears in the background of the "major" design" creates a cozy atmosphere in trendy Scandinavian style.

  • It is a very modern design created with the vintage "rubbed" background effect in the loft style and light unobtrusive mosaic ornamental pattern in the small point technique. This ornamental pattern supplements the effect of an "aged" background, which makes the design more optimistic and memorable.

    "Serpentine" design is a uni companion to "Eddy" design. In this stylish sole-colored design the structure similar to "Eddy" background was used. This is why it is an excellent addition to the previous design and can be combined with the "major" ornamental pattern joined with different colorations of one color group. For instance, the brown ornamental pattern can be combined with the beige sole-color one.

  • This design was inspired by the favorite Missoni brand pattern.

    The design does not have companions in the collection and can be easily used as a universal graphic design for the entire premises decoration. In spite of a quite expressed zigzag-shaped pattern, it does not put pressure on you.

    Instead, it looks like a sole-colored design and has magic qualities enabling it to visually transform your interior and make it genuine.

  • It is an ultra-contemporary graphic design with 3D effect. Due to changing the size of gradient "dots" in the pattern structure and glittering luster on the surface, an optic effect of a large geometric relief is achieved. It adds further depth to your stylish interior.