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Collection of hot-embossed wallpapers with expanded vinyl, their size being 1.06 m x 10 m.


"Sorrent" collection means rich traditions of world art with modern interpretations and trending aesthetics.

"Sorrent" is a sole collection with unmatched character and prominent charm. Rococo, a historical style, inspired us to create this collection. Having withdrawn from a rough extravaganza of Baroque style, we chose the designs and motifs, intended to recreate an atmosphere of lightness, affability, and playfulness specific to this age.


The collection is comprised of two large color groups. The first group consists of "Ricardo" magnificent damascene, tenderness and intelligence of "Etienne" design, as well as uniqueness and rhythmicity of "Agate" design. These three designs are combined by general coloristics, but also have a single companion with an opalescent textile structure. The second group is trendy, as it uses the textures of stone. "Alberto" design and "Amelie" floral design have the same sole-colored texture. It represents a volumetric structure of stucco, created in a register with a stunning light and shadow effect and an effect of glimmer.

It is remarkable, that a new special effect, combining a pearly gloss and tender shimmering, is used in this collection.

In "Sorrent" collection we aspired to create real beauty and timeless values, and presented them in a new interpretation via slightly rubbed and aged textures, interesting composition with history and sense, trendy color palette and new effects.

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  • This is a tribute to the traditional interpretation of classic design, where a large magnificent damascene is available on a textile texture. But for such classic designs, the details are of high priority. "Ricardo" design features soft forms of the elements, and, in spite of its large size, it doesn't look awkward due to a composition and effects selected in a quality manner.

    One of the most amazing details of this design is a play of colors in the background of additional textile texture, where the distinct threads emphasize the textile nature of the canvas. This effect is also intensified by the play of mat and glazed surfaces, creating an additional volume.

    The motif is created by using distinct special effects, which enable to see a glitter "from the inside", that significantly emphasizes the beauty of design and depth of manual embossment of the pattern.


    Due to all these details, "Ricardo" design looks trending and modern, but at the same time, it provides lightness and sophistication of spirit of the Rococo age.


  • "Etienne" design is a figure of intelligence, sophistication, and nobleness. Tender lines of the motif, soft color range with the interesting water-color transition of colors and vibrant textile texture elaborate on Rococo gorgeous French style, where the eternal youthfulness and beauty, gallant and melancholic elegance, unobtrusive and careless atmosphere were the main historical basis.

    "Etienne" pattern, highlighted by spangle glimmering, will become an interior decoration, creating a light sense of aristocraticism.



  • Trend of year 2019 is a use of stone structures in various areas of decorative art. The key aspect of this trend is another point of view, another "interpretation" of stone structure, namely a stone "inside" or "in section".

    "Agate" design is based on this trend. A unique pattern of stone with unconventional color transitions is highlighted by the volumetric textile structure of embossment, provided in a register.

    And a pearl, interferent coating not only emphasizes and amplifies an embossment but also creates an effect of the glimmering play.

    "Agate" design can be used both as an individual design and in combination with other designs from a color group, allowing to create a unique and unmatched interior.


  • "Alberto" design represents the second color group, but simultaneously it proceeds with a theme of stone structures. Imitation of stucco and stone, as well as a motif similar to relief, creates a laconic moderate pattern. "Alberto" name means a noble glitter, that represents a design nature to the full extent. Glitter is created by using a new special effect of mother-of-pearl and glimmering.

    This design symbolizes boldness and expression. "Alberto" design is complemented in the collection by the expressive companion and creates an amazing ensemble when decorating the interior.


  • This is the only floral design in "Sorrent" collection. The great advantage of this design is its original composition structure, consisting of intertwined unobtrusive floral twigs, as well as high density and quality manual engraving of embossment. The stone structure is provided in a register and imitates a stucco.  Background nobleness and timeliness create a glimmering special effect of aged fresco.

    Vibrant embossment of the motif creates a memorable effect and provides a volume of the floral pattern.