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We are happy to present our new Summer Garden collection from Sintra factory. The core idea of the collection is to create a feeling of bright summer in the room. Fresh breeze and scents of a blossoming garden emerge in the room, if its walls are covered with wallpapers of Summer Garden collection.

This collection combines floral motifs of various styles with classic designs. Soft and mild pastel shades are prevalent in the collection. They will create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your house. There are several bright color solutions for those who enjoy experimenting with the interior.

The variety of stylistic solutions, textures and color palette of Summer Garden wallpapers allows you to satisfy the needs of customers who want to select wallpapers for different premises based on diverse criteria.

With the Summer Garden collection your house will resemble a blossoming summer garden, always full of light and joy!

The collection includes wallpapers with expanded vinyl on a non-woven bases, their size being 0.53 m x 10.05 m.

  • The design pattern is a classic floral sprig in a minimalist style that covers the wall heavily. Flower petals consist of thin lines and structures, and this makes the pattern look modern and up-to-date. Multi-level paste helps to reach a slight 3D-effect of the motif, but at the same time the pattern is inseparable from the background, and they both merge into a single surface. A textile structure, which appears in the background, combines harmoniously with its companion in the same color range. The distinctive features of "Patricia" design are the play of color shades and volume as well as subtle glimmering that will definitely highlight your interior.

    Calm pastel shades combined with the imitation of textile texture will naturally complement the interior of selected premises – be it a bedroom or a sitting-room, a dining-room or a lobby – any of them would look charming and really special with the wallpapers of "Patricia" design.

    Color range: pink pearl, pastel yellow, pearl white, light gray, tender green.

  • Bright, colorful and diverse flower pattern of "Jasmine" design. A traditional oriental floral pattern is reinterpreted in this design. The pattern itself is large, but at the same time refined with lots of small decorative elements. The main motif appears in the background with the help of elegant lines and metallic effects, and therefore it draws the eye to the flowers. Structure of the background consists of small elements, thus resembling textile texture.

    And the pattern of the flower itself employs a wide color palette: khaki, light green, sandy, yellow and orange, brown and red.

    The wallpapers of "Jasmine" design will make your interior look modern, up-to-date and very lively.

  • The gentle pattern of the sole-colored "Florance" design combines open-work leaves and small flowers. It looks as if the pattern appeared through its structure, creating a 3D-effect with the help of carefully selected shades changing from light ones (in the background) to the darker hues (elements of flowers).

    Due to light color solutions as well as their pattern, which is calm and not overloaded, "Florance" wallpapers may be hung in any premises, both large and small.

    The design of this collection appeals to people of diverse age and satisfies the most demanding customers. With its sole-colored pattern, glimmering luster and dazzling play of textures and shades, the concise and stylish "Florance" design will mesmerize all those who like modern interior.

    Color palette: light cream, pastel yellow, light green, light brown, gray and lilac.

  • This is a classic pattern of the Victorian style. Optical effect plays a crucial role in this design, as the monogram itself looks as if it were embossed on the fabric and has a textile structure. A huge number of these monograms appears in the background in miniature. It gives the impression that the whole background is woven of tiny monograms. The design comes with sole-colored companions that copy the background structure of the main pattern.

    A slight application of gold or silver is employed as a special effect.

    For sure, you will be astonished at the innovative interpretation of the classic style in the wallpapers of "Victoria" design! Sophisticated color solutions and unusual monogram create an impression of fancy textural design that would leave no one indifferent.

    "Victoria" design will help you to create a traditional interior, where all members of your family will feel comfortable and truly at home. 

    Color range: pearl gray, sandy yellow, yellow gold, silver gray, gray, turquoise blue.

  • "Daisy" design is a mix of classicism and romanticism. Incredibly noble classic pattern of the wallpapers of this design is associated with small leaves on the garden fence. The design consists of two growing sprays, placed together to form a well-balanced motif on the wall. Each of the sprays is designed in a certain single color.

    A very wide range of customers will find out that this design is an ideal solution for them: "Daisy" wallpapers will bring harmony and a slight touch of romance to your bedroom, add coziness to your dining-room and make your sitting-room look really modern and well-ordered.

    The color solutions mostly comprise different shades of coffee: silver white (platinum), brown saffron, combination of white, gray and black, sandy beige, pearl silver.

  • Sintra factory designers are once again inspired by floral theme. "Leila" design is based upon a tulip flower. Expressive and contrasting flowers seem to fill the house with the scent of a spring garden, and the background structure imitating textile texture will add coziness and style to your interior.  Apart from the textile structure, a chaotically placed shadow of the flower is silhouetted in the background, creating a perfect contrast with the main pattern. As the main motif is rather intense, we suggest using sole-colored companions that copy textile background structure of the main design.

    Wide color range is one of the reasons due to which the design will meet the demands of diverse customer base.

    Color palette: chocolate, white and gray, copper beige, pastel yellow (melon), light brown.

  • "Rosy" design is a perfect solution for those customers who like floral motifs in then interior and want to make their premises more fresh and bright, It looks as though little roses grew up the wall, creating an impression of a rampant garden. The roses are placed against a gentle background formed by an obtrusive vertical structure and it is also copied in the companions to the main pattern. The flowers are the most contrasting element of the motif, created with the help of bright colors, while twigs and leaves are, on the contrary, very light and tender.

    A bright floral motif of "Rosy" design is full of summer joy and will be bringing pleasure to you and cheering you up for a long time.

    Choose the wallpapers of "Rosy" design to decorate your kitchen and dining-room with warm shades of coffee, create a colorful or a light design of your sitting-room and make your bedroom look really tender – and the interior of your house will be unique and vivacious.

    Color range: milk gray, gray beige, red with the gray background, light cream, pink with the green background.