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The design pattern is a classic floral sprig in a minimalist style that covers the wall heavily. Flower petals consist of thin lines and structures, and this makes the pattern look modern and up-to-date. Multi-level paste helps to reach a slight 3D-effect of the motif, but at the same time the pattern is inseparable from the background, and they both merge into a single surface. A textile structure, which appears in the background, combines harmoniously with its companion in the same color range. The distinctive features of "Patricia" design are the play of color shades and volume as well as subtle glimmering that will definitely highlight your interior.

Calm pastel shades combined with the imitation of textile texture will naturally complement the interior of selected premises – be it a bedroom or a sitting-room, a dining-room or a lobby – any of them would look charming and really special with the wallpapers of "Patricia" design.

Color range: pink pearl, pastel yellow, pearl white, light gray, tender green.