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Trend Art collection includes wallpapers with expanded vinyl, their size being 0,53 m x 10.05 m.

This collection includes expanded vinyl wallpapers, their size being 0,53 m х 10 m.
Тrend Art 6 means summer atmosphere, fresh colors and cherry mood.

  • This fashionable and contemporary design is created for people with positive emotions and summer mood. Abundance and diversity of laconic textures and a play on matte and glossy make this design interesting and memorable. It is not oversaturated, since bright backgrounds are used, whereas flowers in deep turquoise, red, lettuce green and yellow shades help to emphasize the design. Summer Fancy collection includes a companion replicating main design background texture.

  • An interior decorated with flower-dotted walls can be used in different designs and will be appropriate for any style.
    To develop Colibri design, we took inspiration from botanical Liberty prints. Design composition is made of volumetric small flowers, which look non-intrusively and springlike softly on the walls.
    A companion in rich color palette is added to this design, which enables development of individual and unique interior images

  • This is classics, which is never out of fashion. Planning to create a classical design not too saturated with content, our designers were inspired by a composition, where a graceful twig is placed on a stripe. It looks not only noble and aesthetic, but also visually increases ceiling height of your premises. Textile background structure, recurring also on uni, makes design softer and creates coziness and warm atmosphere.
    Matte pastes add volume to the twig and thanks to a glossy outline it is gleaming and has even more visual volume.

  • Simple, but versatile design. Delicate rendering of simple elements is emphasized by delicate spangle glittering. This design was named Lyre similarly to the musical instrument, the handle of which is curved like the design monogram. Similarly to a lyre, this design will create a musical pattern on your wall and bring peaceful atmosphere to the interior.