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Trend Art collection by Sintra factory includes wallpapers with expanded vinyl, their size being 0,53 m x 10.05 m.

This collection is mainly composed of contemporary graphic and minimalist designs inspired from different geometric patterns. The inspiration’s source comes from architectural elements. So we could consider this collection is aimed to a young public who likes to live in modern soft interiors.
So regarding the making of, the technique is in blown vinyl in 0,53 m width using different height levels and special effects like mica or glitter. It is composed of 4 designs. It is composed of 19 references.

  • This graphic concept is composed of 2 designs.
    The Graphic shapes are inspired from the Scandinavian theme. The blown vinyl technique enhanced of special effects was achieved with tonic and pastel shades.

  • This classic universal faux-uni pattern has been stylized in a modern way. The simple shapes are combined with very fine structures that harmonize matte and shiny material in the background. The range is also composed of fresh and pastel shades.

  • This design is considered as the “eye catcher” of the collection.
    This geometrical all over design is purely made from the Graphic style. It is directly inspired from contemporary buildings .The blown vinyl heights combined with different structures and special effects bring some optical illusion and contrast to the design. the range is composed of tonal and fresh pastel colours.