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"Triumph" is a multi-texture collection that elegantly presents animalistic theme and designs as vegetative and floral motifs with a light touch of textures borrowed from the surrounding world.

The collection is distinguished by a delicate presentation of natural shades and bold textures that will create the atmosphere of the surrounding world perfection and natural harmony in your home.

Beautiful floral designs, saturated paints, and harmonious textures have become the distinctive elements of the "Triumph" collection. "Triumph" can enrich you with sincere emotions and improve your mood.

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  • Predatory, extravagant, Bohemian, eclectic and certainly very extraordinary — a leopard with its spotty coloration decorates "Triumph" collection.

    There is no doubt: not everyone is bold enough to decorate their house with such an unconventional design. Indeed, the contrast leopard pattern attracts everybody's attention at once. Moreover, the exoticism of this animal makes it the synonym of bourgeoisness and secular way of life. Leopard can suit only the chosen ones. Do you consider yourself part of them? Then "Safari" design is your choice. Its color range includes customary and absolutely new colors: golden-yellow, purple-brown, silver-grey and graphite. Combined with the companion to this design imitating leopard skin, "Safari" design will become the key element of your interior decoration.

  • The special feature of this design is the romantic pattern classically stylized, which uncovers mysteries of mutual penetration of light, lines, and textures. Trendy vegetative notes have been expressed in thick velvet of textile structures. At the same time, this design tenderness and perfection are emphasized by an incredibly beautiful embossment structure with embroidery imitation. Design coloration: purple, silver-black, turquoise-blue, creamy-brown and beige shades belong to traditional European range.

  • To elaborate on "striped" theme and add newer visual perceptions, "Diamond" design was created. It has united two impressive texture stripes: a light and airy net with an active pattern and a vegetative stylized monogram. In between these stripes, there is a supplementary border with several kinds of fabric.