New items in the collections



Royal damascene is created using various combinations of glitters. Here you will find bright spangles highlighting the element, as well as a soft coating for background, emphasizing the embossment texture.

These materials are new in the market. All of them come with delicate transparency and produce the depth effect. We would like to emphasize that Sintra is the first factory, which has tested new mother-of-pearl used for background coating.

A composition of "Fernando" collection is the classics of the Baroque style. Volumetric luxurious elements are widely used in the design composition, and a stony texture makes this design modern and trendy. Today stony structures along with the softness of classic elements are the trend that can be observed when creating the many details and objects for decoration and interior finish. 

"Fernando" design background resembles the stony structure of the main design. A glitter sparkles thanks to the embossment and design itself – somewhere it is more noticeable, and somewhere –more mat. This effect makes the texture vivid and attractive.


We would especially like to emphasize rich and eye-catching color palette: here you will find classic milky, beige colors, as well as complex and unusual combinations. Today more than ever, the metallic effects are essential, that is why this major group includes the backgrounds completely coated with silver and gold. A silver background perfectly matches golden damascene, and golden background matches brown chocolate hue. The main color accent of this collection is mallow hue since this dark heather and pink hue makes a glamorous and velvet effect. Cane green and light graphitic shades complement each other and add nobleness.