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The age of Millennium has been marked by experiments and searches for new meanings as the main trend in society, science and culture. "Vila" collection develops the best traditions of the world art, supplementing them by modern ideas, details and aesthetic solutions. "Vila" collection provides a new interpretation of the well-known styles and turns them into the symbols of interior fashion. This is a modern and independent collection with unmatched character and prominent charm. Laconic color palette is balanced and self-sustained. Cold and warm shades are balanced with white, sky blue, mint, and mocha colors, as well as by trendy gray.

"Vila" collection is created for people, who are not afraid to be trendy and are ready to experimentalize with color and texture.

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  • "Allen" design: rich shades, the bright emphasis of gold and silver, classical patterns, the contrast of light and shadow ― this design creates a style of the interior by itself. The design harmonically supplements the uni, that replicates a background of the main design by pattern and colors.


  • "Duval" design: a delicate texture of design resembles perfect fabric, and the intense and vibrant shades inspire for creation of impressive color solutions for interiors and offer the great opportunities for creativity. "Duval" design is available in sandy golden, blue gray, black and white, vanilla, orange and gold, as well as dark gray shades.




    "Blake" design: helps to achieve the balance between your inner world and the pulse of nature. A difference between the textures and embossment pattern is materialized in this design.

    A soft color range emphasizes harmony. Hues of white, gray, mint and beige colors create an ideal balance.

  • "Valerie" design: it is classics presented in a modern perspective, where the color trends of the year 2018, aged textures and familiar classical ornaments are used.