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A collection of non-woven wallpaper based on blow vinyl technique in the format of 0.53 m per 10 m and 1.06 m per 10 m.


In the Viola collection multifacetedly intertwined geometric designs and a multipurpose textured design-uni. All designs harmoniously complement each other. The floral duo of companion designs with seamless patterns fits brilliantly into this harmony, which makes it very easy to create an individual composition in any interior.

  • Modern design with intertwining geometric shapes and soft textures in the background, creating a cozy balance between the numerous hexagons. The subdued natural and fresh shades of colors create a unique charm in an interior that is both bold thanks to its graphic design, but at the same time soft in a homey way due to the background structure imitating warm textiles.


  • Airy geometric pattern created by superimposing different textures and materials on top of each other. The simplicity, harmony and lightness that are felt when looking at this design leave pleasant impressions for a long time and encourage you to create a new interior using this design. Different shine and shimmer of textures give the ornament a special charm and value.


  • This dynamic large geometric diamond pattern will perfectly complement any modern interior. The design is made in several colors and with different contrasts, so depending on the boldness of the decision, the design pattern will dominate the interior favorably or it will wisely complement other accents of the decor. Combined with the matching solid color design from this collection, which uses the same textile structure, the Karo design creates a cozy and trendy atmosphere even in small spaces.


  • Universal structural design simulating a semi-precious stone pattern. Monochrome calm gamut and soft contrast of matte and shiny textures make this design a favorite for creating naturalistic interiors.

  • This multifaceted design can be safely attributed to the unique representatives of the mixed style. There are elements of 3D graphics, classic imitation of textiles and harmonious geometric patterns. Such a design will make it possible to make any modern interior without the term "fashion".


  • The seamless pattern of this design will help you create a unique individual composition in any interior and room, even with the smallest area. The delicate floral pattern, lined up vertically, is perfectly combined on the same plane with suitable companions - a solid color and a design with a stripe, completely repeating the structure of the background. This construction of the design makes it very easy to use it in gluing work, even for beginners.