Marking symbols on the wallpapers

Water resistance

The wallpapers provide a reasonable level of moisture resistance. But it’s not recommended to wash these wallpapers.

Level of water resistance

Super washable or extra washable, you can wipe stained areas with a damp sponge

Washable. You can wash such wallpaper even with a soft brush, but not a hard one.

Wear-resistant. They can withstand begin wiped with a cloth or cleaned with a powder.

Wear-resistant. You can clean them gently with a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle or brush.

Colour resistance to light

Very poor lightfastness. The wallpaper cannot withstand direct sunlight.

Poor lightfastness

Very good lightfastness, the wallpaper offers increased resistance to direct sunlight.

The sunrays will not cause much damage to the wallpaper.

Excellent lightfastness Residents of southern regions can safely hang such canvases on walls.

Pattern Matches and Hanging

The free match symbol requires no aligning, it does not matter how you place the adjacent strips

The pattern is symmetrical.

This pattern won’t be too much trouble to work with. You just need to be careful not to misalign the pattern. Slight offset match.

The pattern is offset. You need to allow for scraps, which are inevitable when hanging these types of strips.

These strips are hung by turning them 180 degrees.


The fraction next to the symbol provides information about how much the pattern is shifted. This is the pitch of the pattern in height and shift value.

The amount of associated waste material can be significantly increased. When you see this parameter, you can choose a different kind of wallpaper.


Please apply adhesive to the wallpaper.

В инструкции с обратной стороны этикетки содержатся подробные указания, как поступать с промазанным листом, сколько времени потребуется на выдержку.

Please apply adhesive to the wall. You can calculate the amount of adhesive.

Wallpapers with this symbol are called pre-pasted. These wallpapers already have an adhesive surface.

When pasting, you need to overlap the wallpaper and then do a double cut.

Обозначение поверхностного слоя

Тиснение, которое продублировано.Не подвергается деформации.

В быту такое покрытие носит название обоев горячего тиснения. Покрытие отлично служит, причем долгие годы, в коридорах и подсобных помещениях.

Removing from the base

The wallpapers should come off dry without any residue.

Peelable. When you remove the wallpaper both the back and front layers will come off the wall.

Pre-wetting with water is necessary. The wallpapers are removed from the wall wet.