Question and answer

Buying wallpaper

Where to buy SINTRA wallpapers?

You can buy SINTRA wallpapers in DIY-shops of our partners, listed in “Where to buy” section.

Is it possible to buy wallpapers directly at the factory?

Private retail customers can contact us using contact details on our website to obtain information on a dealer for your region.

The wholesale companies can purchase the wallpapers directly at the factory after contract conclusion.

Care and wallpapering

How to calculate correctly the required quantity of rolls?

Usually, a standard roll surface area is about 5 m2 (0.53 х 10.05 m), and a double width area is about 10 m2 (1.06 х 10.05 m). Sum the length of all the walls and then multiply by the height of ceiling. So you can calculate an area of wall surface. Divide wall area by 5, if the wallpapers are of a standard width (0.53 х 10.05 m), or divide by 10 for the double width wallpapers (1.06 х 10.05 m) to obtain an approximate number of rolls.
If a height of ceiling is more than 2.5 m, 3 whole strips can be get from a roll. If the wallpapers have a print or pattern, the cutting waste can be about 1 m per roll.
We always recommend to buy extra wallpaper rolls, because the stores sell wallpapers of the same batch with the same shade. The different batch may have an different shade.

What should be considered when choosing a glue for wallpapering?

It is advisable to buy glue of well-known brands only in stores, but not at the market. Why? Primarily, a glue has to provide a strong adhering with a wall and wallpapers. That’s why its composition shall be of high quality. The distributors at the market may store a glue in unheated containers or premises, resulting in drying out. If the glue is overfrozen and its expiration date is “extended” by means of falsification, who will be responsible for the peeling of your wallpaper from the wall? We advice not to skimp on the glue.